Weakness; New born Baby found in Waste bin!!!

Residents were thrown into shock over the death of a baby found abandoned inbiscuit carton along Ikot Ekpene Road in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.The baby girl, neatly dressed and abandoned near a refuse dump, supposedly cried herself to death.According to reports, the unidentified baby became pale after a longperiod of crying, before passing out.

One of the witnesses said themother might have abandoned the baby because she considered it a witchor she might have been driven by poverty.”There are lot of children being thrown away like this inrecent times because the mothers think they’re witches or plagued bydemon spirits or maybe for lack of what feed the children.” the witnesssaid.Mr. Okon Isaac, who was on his way to a fuel station along Ikot Ekpene Road, said he heard the cry of a babynear the refuse bin.”I have been here since 5:47 am. I wanted to buyfuel from Total, which only sells theproduct when available between thehours of 4 and 6:20am. After this time, they stop selling pretendingnot to have the product. As I was passing, I heard the cry of the baby.I began towonder where the baby was crying from, but when I got close to therefuse bin, just off the road, I saw a baby girl neatly dressed anddumped in a biscuit carton,” said Mr Okon.”I could not go to Total in search of fuel again. I stayedbehind to observe if the mother of the baby might change her mind andcome back for the baby. And beforelong, people started to troop in as they heard thecry of the baby. As we live in a period of child theft and selling ofchildren for money, people were scared to touch the baby. They all stood helpless, should anyone risk lifting the baby,and the police happen to be around, the individual can be accused ofchild theft, or whatever.” He added.

The police, who confirmed the incident said they were aware ofthe situation and had contacted the Ministry of Environment fornecessary action.

Meanwhile, until the baby died; neither the police nor officials of the Ministry of Environment were seen at the scene.

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