Nigerian drug Guru who was sentence to 27yrs in Cambodia lose Appeal!!!

A Cambodian Court of Appeals on Tuesday, December 6th, upheld thesentence of a Nigerian drug trafficking convict. Precious Chineme Nwoko (pictured in court today) was sentenced to 27 years imprisonment in Cambodia in 2014.

The court upheld his prison term, ruling that it was appropriate and inaccordance with Cambodian law…Khieu Vann, the lawyer for Taylor, told reporters that the appeals court’s decision was an injustice and that he would consult with his client to see if she wished to appeal to the Supreme Court. 

Asked today by journalists why he used dating scams to turn women into drug mules, Nwoko became enraged, according to a report by Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald”Are you stupid? Get out of here.You think you can come here and ask questions while I am jail,” he shouted at Luke McMahon, a Melbourne writer who has revealed Taylor’s plight in an exclusive story for Fairfax Media. 

Nwoko, a ringleader in a heroin smuggling cartel in Cambodia was arrested forhanding a backpack containing 2.2 kilos (4.8 pounds) of heroin to two women, 41-year-old Australian Yoshe Ann Taylor and 19 year old French Charlene Savarino, for onward transportation to an unidentified man in Australia.Both women were however arrested in 2013 at Phnom Penh International Airport. 

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